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LinkedIn and Connected

We’ve been searching around in the social media dark lately, looking for the tool that would connect us to our Brown community online.  And… small drumroll please, we’ve found it.  Turns out, our university community feels most comfortable on LinkedIn.

On Monday, we took our own advice and created a profile for our organization, adding information such as publications, suggested readings, and our interests.  Then we began connecting with others.  We sent out requests, and as a result have (to date) connected with 91 people.

As we come to the final stages of our ADVANCE grant, we have been widening our circle, providing services to the greater Brown academic community.  Until now, twitter has been our dominant social media tool to connect with others interested in similar topics.  Now we’re also reaching our original target audience online.

Connect with us! Check out the new button on our website and our new LinkedIn profile:


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LinkedIn for Faculty

There are lots of social media options for staying connected with your colleagues as well as sharing your ideas and accomplishments.  The networking site, LinkedIn, is the most popular for professional work.

LinkedIn is a business/professional-oriented social networking site.  It allows users to create a profile and list professional accomplishments and appointments in a CV format.  As of August 2010, the site had 75 million registered users (Wikipedia).  Users can show their network by establishing “connections” with people they know offline.

For more information, see:

Updated:  We are now on LinkedIn.  Check out our profile.

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Social Media Resources

welcome matIn preparation for the ADVANCE PI Meeting, we created a brochure for our colleagues:  information to take away, after reading our poster on outreach and dissemination through social media.  This brochure includes blogs and tweeps we recommend following, as well as tips (for faculty scientists and ADVANCE program administrators) on maximizing your social media presence.  So, lay out the welcome mat and join (or start) an online conversation.

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PI Meeting Poster: Social Media Outreach & Dissemination

We just got back from the ADVANCE Primary Investigator Meeting in DC where we presented a poster entitled, The Outreach and Dissemination Potential of Social MediaFind the poster and related brochure at our new dissemination webpage.badge

Poster Abstract:
Conventional media such as presentations to our department chairs on the status of STEM women faculty, guides that provide best practices for fostering productive mentoring relationships and professional development, and brochures for external funding support are essential tools for promoting the mission and resources of ADVANCE at Brown.  Social media and Web 2.0 technologies offer a tantalizing potential beyond a traditional website to create a dialogue with our faculty and administrators as well as peer institutions and the news media.  Our blog, ADVANCE-ing Brown University, offers the dos and don’ts of running an ADVANCE Program.  Our Twitter feed, @BrownADVANCE, provides timely information on topics ranging from work-life balance and faculty mentoring to communicating science and grant proposal writing.

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Academics on Twitter

twitterWe are evaluating our social media strategy and gathering resources on Twitter use by faculty and offices that serve them.  We use Twitter to promote our program’s initiatives.  We are also interested in how other academic offices are using the microblogging service.  We found these articles on the importance of faculty scientists using Twitter as particularly relevant:

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Media Hooks for Faculty Websites

internetThe need for content rich research and laboratory websites are nothing new.  This is really a necessary way for faculty to communicate their work to colleagues as well as potential collaborators, graduate students, and funders.  See our previous post on The Media & You for a fantastic example of a Brown faculty member’s successful website.

Bora Zivkovic, adjunct chronobiology faculty at NC Wesleyan College, recently wrote about the coverage of scientific news in the media.  He describes that today’s media articles or clips (radio) provide lots of hooks that get readers and listeners interested in a topic and then quickly refer them to a website for more information.  This is a direct need that faculty can address with a website that allows them to accurately portray and explain their research.

For additional information on developing websites for faculty research, see All About Me Dot Com.

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