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How to be CareerWISE

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Arizona State University just went live with a new website for faculty development and mentoring:  CareerWISE.  The project’s principal investigator, Bianca L. Bernstein, explained in the Chronicle blog Wired Campus that the site’s mission is, “to teach women how to counter discouragement and give them the confidence to deal with any situation that comes up.”  This resource is geared toward women PhD students in STEM, however addresses common issues/situations junior faculty and postdocs face.

The website aims to do more than state the facts by offering you (the user) solutions for solving problems and learning about yourself and your work environment.  Users sign up for a free account which enables access to all the resources.  The site is easy to use.  Each page has a table of contents, which allows you to quickly survey the information on each page and click to go directly to a section of interest.  Also useful, are the many videos of successful women telling their stories/describing relevant experiences.  Check it out!


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Work-Life Support for Postdocs

We are staffing a table this Friday at the Annual Postdoc Resource & Networking Event.  Our Funding Resource Specialist was asked to provide some information on sponsored project support, but we also decided to take this opportunity to gather networkinginformation on what family caregiving programs and benefits are available to postdocs at Brown.

We are creating a brochure with information collected from our office, Human Resources, and the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.  We realized pretty quickly that there are different programs and benefits available to postdoctoral fellows versus research associates.  

Summary of Resources:

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