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Childcare Programs: Finding Ivy League Standard

We recently received a request from some of our mid-career women faculty to find out how Brown’s childcare policies and benefits compare to our peers.  We began this process by examining other Ivy League institutions.

By studying the universities’ Human Resources and Dean of Faculty websites, we were able to discern the similarities and differences between institutions.  We organized childcare benefits and policies into nine categories:

  1. Adoption Financial Assistance
  2. Affiliated Childcare Centers
  3. Babysitting Support
  4. Breastfeeding Support
  5. Committee on the Status of Women
  6. Emergency/Back-Up Care
  7. Financial Assistance (beyond the federally mandated flexible spending accounts)
  8. Tenure Clock Extension
  9. Resources and Referral Service

We’ve summarized the information in chart form below and detailed these programs on our Dependent Care wiki.  The image can also be viewed on our Flickr Page.


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Information and Policy Transparency


Image credit: University of Liverpool

In the Nature article, A Step Towards Transparency, Jan Bogg describes some of the barriers to women’s advancement in science:  transparency in process and in status (statistics of women in senior positions).  To quote Bogg and her work for Breaking Barriers in the Workplace, “women, especially those at junior and mid-level grades, believe they do not experience sufficient transparency of information, policy and practice.”

ADVANCE at Brown, in collaboration with University administration, has begun addressing process transparency by making departmental standards, criteria, and procedures for promotion and tenure available to faculty online.  We post these documents on our wiki (along with additional resources) in order to provide transparency and equitable access to policies and procedures.

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