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Social Media Resources

welcome matIn preparation for the ADVANCE PI Meeting, we created a brochure for our colleagues:  information to take away, after reading our poster on outreach and dissemination through social media.  This brochure includes blogs and tweeps we recommend following, as well as tips (for faculty scientists and ADVANCE program administrators) on maximizing your social media presence.  So, lay out the welcome mat and join (or start) an online conversation.


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Media Hooks for Faculty Websites

internetThe need for content rich research and laboratory websites are nothing new.  This is really a necessary way for faculty to communicate their work to colleagues as well as potential collaborators, graduate students, and funders.  See our previous post on The Media & You for a fantastic example of a Brown faculty member’s successful website.

Bora Zivkovic, adjunct chronobiology faculty at NC Wesleyan College, recently wrote about the coverage of scientific news in the media.  He describes that today’s media articles or clips (radio) provide lots of hooks that get readers and listeners interested in a topic and then quickly refer them to a website for more information.  This is a direct need that faculty can address with a website that allows them to accurately portray and explain their research.

For additional information on developing websites for faculty research, see All About Me Dot Com.

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Promoting Hard Work

cogEach  month, the Anita Borg Institute invites Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching Inc., to give career advice and answer questions on leadership.  This month’s Ask Jo is entitled, What’s Wrong with Working Hard?

In her response, Jo Miller discusses the importance of promoting your work and not just keeping your head down as you work hard.  Communicate your work. She quotes Ruth Porat, CFO for Morgan Stanley, “One of the biggest problems women have is they work really hard and put their heads down and assume hard work gets noticed.”

She inspires the thought that we should not be shy about marketing our ideas and work, whether individual professors or an ADVANCE program office.  We shouldn’t assume others will notice each accomplishment.  With all the media and information buzzing around out there (in our offices, across campus, and online), a little promotion is necessary and counts as work.  What’s your experience been?

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Market the Marketing

We are working to create a social media strategy that allows us to update and communicate online with colleagues and constituents.  As we continue to create new resources–like this blog–we want to get the word out that we’re online and ready to talk.   We’ve created a postcard for faculty and staff across campus.  Like a super-business card, we plan to distribute it through  a big campus mailing and at all upcoming events.

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