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The Media & You

The media & you has been a recurring theme around here for the past couple of weeks.  At our last FONE, Brown Science Media Specialist, Richard Lewis, presented strategies for communicating effectively with the news media about faculty research and scientific breakthroughs.  We liked that beyond describing the services his office provides and offering tips on giving an interview, he explained the importance of doing outreach on your own.  One way to do that, b…l…o…g!

For a great example of a Brown University faculty member’s lab website, check out Casey Dunn’s CreatureCast.  And don’t miss the profile on CreateCast brought to us by the fine folks at NPR’s Science Friday.


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We’ve Gone Google, Google Calendar

We here at ADVANCE at Brown are very pro-swag.  We love postcards and pens and brochures.  So, this semester we thought it would make sense to have paper copies of our events calendar readily available at meetings and workshops.  We included our upcoming lectures, award deadlines, etc.

What were we thinking?!  We were constantly updating the calendar and could never keep track of who had the most current version.  Plus, this practice is neither green, nor Brown.

google logo

Thankfully, we’ve started using Google Calendar.  Easily accessible from our homepage, this calendar allows everyone to stay connected.  Additionally, Brown University recently updated its central Events Calendar, so that with the click of a button we can link campus-wide public events to our calendar.  Glorious progress!

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