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Social Media Resources

welcome matIn preparation for the ADVANCE PI Meeting, we created a brochure for our colleagues:  information to take away, after reading our poster on outreach and dissemination through social media.  This brochure includes blogs and tweeps we recommend following, as well as tips (for faculty scientists and ADVANCE program administrators) on maximizing your social media presence.  So, lay out the welcome mat and join (or start) an online conversation.


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PI Meeting Poster: Social Media Outreach & Dissemination

We just got back from the ADVANCE Primary Investigator Meeting in DC where we presented a poster entitled, The Outreach and Dissemination Potential of Social MediaFind the poster and related brochure at our new dissemination webpage.badge

Poster Abstract:
Conventional media such as presentations to our department chairs on the status of STEM women faculty, guides that provide best practices for fostering productive mentoring relationships and professional development, and brochures for external funding support are essential tools for promoting the mission and resources of ADVANCE at Brown.  Social media and Web 2.0 technologies offer a tantalizing potential beyond a traditional website to create a dialogue with our faculty and administrators as well as peer institutions and the news media.  Our blog, ADVANCE-ing Brown University, offers the dos and don’ts of running an ADVANCE Program.  Our Twitter feed, @BrownADVANCE, provides timely information on topics ranging from work-life balance and faculty mentoring to communicating science and grant proposal writing.

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Academics on Twitter

twitterWe are evaluating our social media strategy and gathering resources on Twitter use by faculty and offices that serve them.  We use Twitter to promote our program’s initiatives.  We are also interested in how other academic offices are using the microblogging service.  We found these articles on the importance of faculty scientists using Twitter as particularly relevant:

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Communicating Your Research

elevator pitch

Image credit: Career Rocketeer

This morning we attended a committee meeting of research administration and advancement staff.  (Our Funding Resources Specialist is a member of this working group.)  We brainstormed ideas for how we could help faculty better communicate their research.  We decided to convene a smaller group that would develop a few possible ideas for faculty workshops.

The theme today was audience.  Faculty need to identify who their audience(s) is when communicating their science.  Examples of important audiences include private donors, federal funding agencies, the news media, and general public (broader impacts).

Also important, the development of a fantastic elevator pitch.  We acknowledged the importance of being able to read one’s audience and then concisely telling them who you are, what research you do, why its the greatest and most relevant thing ever.

Here are some of ADVANCE at Brown’s resources for how to raise your research profile.  How do you work with faculty to help them develop their communication their science?

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