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Going to the Source

This year in preparing the data indicators for our Annual Report, we expanded our list of sources.  First stop was (and is always) the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.  They have been extremely helpful in providing basic counts of faculty.   Our focus, as an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award, is on the status of women faculty in the STEM disciplines.  One of the data indicators we’re looking at this year are the number of non-tenure-track faculty by gender.

reportAs we’ve learned through out the data collection process, the National Science Foundation (NSF) toolkit for data indicators are guidelines that point your program in the appropriate direction.  Specifically defining which faculty and staff are counted is the responsibility of the University, and for the sake of clarity and accuracy, should be clearly defined on each table.  We decided that non-tenure-track faculty include all faculty and staff that hold PhDs and are employed by the department.  For this information, we went to the source, and contacted each department directly (by sending an email to the department chair and department manager).  Example titles of non-tenure-track faculty include Adjunct, (Research) Professor, Investigator, Lecturer, Visiting Professor, Postdoctoral, and Clinical Professor.

To get a faster response, we made a list of all the non-tenure-track faculty (by gender) listed on each departments website.  Then, with our initial inquiry we sent a summary of the results from reading through their websites.  Added bonus–this has prompted some departments to  update their websites.


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