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One-to-One Mentoring Program Timeline

calendarManaging the One-to-One Faculty Mentoring Program requires good organization.  We developed the following timeline to lay out the basic goals for the program and provide tangible information needed for institutionalization of the initiative following the end of the ADVANCE award.

The One-to-One Faculty Mentoring Program is an opt-out initiative available to all new tenure-track faculty from across the disciplines.  The Mentoring Committee currently includes deans from both Arts & Sciences and Biology & Medicine, a faculty liaison, and the ADVANCE Program Specialist.

Fall Semester


  • Receive list of new tenure-track faculty members from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty
  • Email invitation and questionnaire sent to new faculty
  • Invitation and questionnaire sent to potential mentors (sent from Provost)
  • Faculty matched with an appropriate mentor
  • Participants notified of match and copies of Guide distributed
  • Mentoring Committee meets to begin planning workshop


  • Plans finalized for mentoring workshop
  • Email invitation sent to participants


  • Mentoring workshop held
  • Analyze workshop evaluations


  • Mentoring Committee meets to review evaluations and program progress

Spring Semester


  • Identify new tenure-track faculty
  • Email invitation and questionnaire sent to new faculty
  • Faculty matched with an appropriate mentor
  • Participants notified of the match and copies of the Guide for Participants distributed


  • Mentoring Committee meets


  • Prepare evaluation surveys


  • Participants given program evaluation forms
  • Participants asked whether they will continue to participate in the program/maintain their mentoring relationship


  • Analyze results of the evaluation surveys
  • Mentoring Committee meets to discuss evaluation results
  • Update Guide for Participants

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Organized to Institutionalize

books and appleADVANCE at Brown is currently in its fourth year.  Although institutionalization of program initiatives has always been a goal, we’ve now shifted our focus to institutionalization almost exclusively.   For us, that has meant bringing in additional administrative partners and defining the roles of ADVANCE leaders.

  • Our main management team is the Working Group.  Composed of the lead PI, the Funding Resources Specialist, and ADVANCE Program Specialist, the Working Group runs the show.  To list a few activities: we identify issues of importance, oversee implementation of initiatives, establish long-term plans, engage the university, and disseminate information.
  • The co-PIs serve on a subcommittee for one of the program initiatives and serve on the Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee Members receive input from the working group and review, provide feedback, and endorse initiatives.  The Committee also reviews results of external reviews and assists with the appropriate program responses; Steering Committee meets 1 or 2 times/semester.
  • The External Advisory Board, a group of leading scholars from across the country,  meets with the Working Group annually to review the progress and direction of the program.

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