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By the Numbers: Outreach to Department Chairs

In preparation for this year’s New Department Chairs’ Orientation (sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty), we prepared graphs to illustrate the status of STEM women faculty both nationally and at Brown.

The first graph shows nationally, women as a percent of STEM doctorates received compared to tenured/tenure-track and full professor positions held.  The second graph shows the percent of women by rank in each division at Brown University.

See our entire presentation as well as our brochure of resources for chairs.


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Going to the Source

This year in preparing the data indicators for our Annual Report, we expanded our list of sources.  First stop was (and is always) the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.  They have been extremely helpful in providing basic counts of faculty.   Our focus, as an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award, is on the status of women faculty in the STEM disciplines.  One of the data indicators we’re looking at this year are the number of non-tenure-track faculty by gender.

reportAs we’ve learned through out the data collection process, the National Science Foundation (NSF) toolkit for data indicators are guidelines that point your program in the appropriate direction.  Specifically defining which faculty and staff are counted is the responsibility of the University, and for the sake of clarity and accuracy, should be clearly defined on each table.  We decided that non-tenure-track faculty include all faculty and staff that hold PhDs and are employed by the department.  For this information, we went to the source, and contacted each department directly (by sending an email to the department chair and department manager).  Example titles of non-tenure-track faculty include Adjunct, (Research) Professor, Investigator, Lecturer, Visiting Professor, Postdoctoral, and Clinical Professor.

To get a faster response, we made a list of all the non-tenure-track faculty (by gender) listed on each departments website.  Then, with our initial inquiry we sent a summary of the results from reading through their websites.  Added bonus–this has prompted some departments to  update their websites.

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Organized to Institutionalize

books and appleADVANCE at Brown is currently in its fourth year.  Although institutionalization of program initiatives has always been a goal, we’ve now shifted our focus to institutionalization almost exclusively.   For us, that has meant bringing in additional administrative partners and defining the roles of ADVANCE leaders.

  • Our main management team is the Working Group.  Composed of the lead PI, the Funding Resources Specialist, and ADVANCE Program Specialist, the Working Group runs the show.  To list a few activities: we identify issues of importance, oversee implementation of initiatives, establish long-term plans, engage the university, and disseminate information.
  • The co-PIs serve on a subcommittee for one of the program initiatives and serve on the Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee Members receive input from the working group and review, provide feedback, and endorse initiatives.  The Committee also reviews results of external reviews and assists with the appropriate program responses; Steering Committee meets 1 or 2 times/semester.
  • The External Advisory Board, a group of leading scholars from across the country,  meets with the Working Group annually to review the progress and direction of the program.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of an ADVANCE Program

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Welcome!  Our goal with this blog is to share the lessons we’ve learned managing our ADVANCE program here at Brown University.  Funded by a 5-year grant from the National Science Foundation, the ADVANCE Program at Brown University seeks to increase the retention and advancement of women faculty in science and engineering by making available those mechanisms that promote career success for all faculty scientists—mechanisms including mentoring, grant-seeking support, and tools for becoming leaders in academic and scientific communities.  We also strive to transform the institution by utilizing the social science literature on gender equity in resources provided to department chairs and administrators in order to ensure the retention and advancement of women and minority scientists.  ADVANCE at Brown awards grants for research and professional development, sponsors seminars and public lectures, provides grant librarian support, as well as networking opportunities that seek to foster faculty success.

We are writing this blog to promote awareness, share resources, and identify a space where others can comment and discuss these issues.

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