Mentoring through the Blogosphere

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helping handsWe recently came across  Janet D. Stemwedel’s post asking her community to identify blogs that, “give you a glimpse of the lives of people who are working out … how to combine a scientific career with a life outside of that career.”  Not only is this an opportunity for faculty who may work in remote locations to find additional role models, but also for minorities in a department, including women, who may feel isolated.

Here is a list of ten blogs the respondents indicated give, “honest information about lived scientific lives that you hope a mentor would give.”

  1. Bitch  PhD – written by feminist academic with regular guest bloggers
  2. Blue Lab Coats – written by a tenure-track faculty veterinarian and biologist
  3. DrugMonkey – advice from a biomedical perspective
  4. FemaleScienceProfessor – practical advice on career stages from a non-biomedical perspective
  5. Knowledge and Experience – Feminist Theory, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Philosophy
  6. Looking for Detachment – written by an exploration geologist
  7. Ms. Mentor – a Chronicle of Higher Ed advice column
  8. Prof in Training – written by second year biomedical assistant professor
  9. Prof-like Substance – written by science faculty member in the Northeast
  10. Zuska – written by an engineer/scientist/feminist
Ms. Mentor, who never leaves her ivory tower, channels her mail via Emily Toth in the English department of Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge.

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