2010 One-to-One Program Evaluation Summary

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This past month, we worked with our internal evaluator to develop evaluation instruments for all participants of our Faculty Mentoring Program.  This includes the One-to-One Faculty Mentoring Program as well as our Peer-Mentoring Groups.


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Evaluation forms were distributed via email within the body of the email document and as an attachment, for those who wanted to print and return via campus mail.  Below is a summary of our results:

We had a 53.1% (n=17) response rate among tenure-track faculty mentee participants, and a 66.7% (n=20) response rate from mentors.  Of the mentors who responded to the survey, 90% were full professors and all of the mentees were assistant professors.

Tenure-track faculty were asked how successful their mentor was in helping them achieve their career-related goals.  Fifty-percent (50%) of respondents indicated that their mentor was very or somewhat successful in this task.  While many mentors indicated that it was still too early to tell, three-quarters (75%) of mentors believed their mentee was successful in achieving their career-related goals.  Almost three-quarters (73.7%) of mentors indicated they worked with their mentee to set career-related goals.

Tenure-track mentee and mentor respondents identified the top three topics discussed by mentoring pairs as tenure and promotion, departmental dynamics, and research.  A large majority (80%) of mentor respondents indicated they were satisfied with their mentoring relationship and 89% of mentors suggested they would continue meeting with their mentee after the conclusion of the academic year.  Similar results were found among mentees.  Over three-quarters (76.5%) of mentees were either very satisfied or satisfied with their mentoring relationship and 82.4% indicated they were likely to continue their mentoring relationship.

Mentees were asked additional questions regarding the quality of their mentor.  Almost all respondents rated their mentor as either excellent or good when it came to being available and taking the initiative to make contact (82.4%).  Many other mentees rated highly their mentors in terms of offering support (94.1% stated excellent or good), and offering guidance and advice (87.5%).


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