Organized to Institutionalize

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books and appleADVANCE at Brown is currently in its fourth year.  Although institutionalization of program initiatives has always been a goal, we’ve now shifted our focus to institutionalization almost exclusively.   For us, that has meant bringing in additional administrative partners and defining the roles of ADVANCE leaders.

  • Our main management team is the Working Group.  Composed of the lead PI, the Funding Resources Specialist, and ADVANCE Program Specialist, the Working Group runs the show.  To list a few activities: we identify issues of importance, oversee implementation of initiatives, establish long-term plans, engage the university, and disseminate information.
  • The co-PIs serve on a subcommittee for one of the program initiatives and serve on the Steering Committee.
  • Steering Committee Members receive input from the working group and review, provide feedback, and endorse initiatives.  The Committee also reviews results of external reviews and assists with the appropriate program responses; Steering Committee meets 1 or 2 times/semester.
  • The External Advisory Board, a group of leading scholars from across the country,  meets with the Working Group annually to review the progress and direction of the program.

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